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Providing hemp resources and products for American consumers, wholesalers, processors, and farmers.

We stand by helping the American industry become a global competitor. We achieve this by helping clear confusion in our new and evolving industry. Below are just a few of the key elements of what we do, topics we explore, and things we are focused on.

Hydroponic Farming

We believe in continuous research to create the best hydroponic systems. We run our hydroponics as sustainable as possible. This means a lot of solar and water treatment. We are currently operating under a custom DWC and Ebb and Flow system. We aim for our footprint to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Our hydroponics assist in this mission.

Sun grown soil farms

Due to our limitations from prohibition, our American industry is far behind our international competitors. However, due to our strong agricultural force and diversity of our land, we can become international competitors in this industry with ease. We focus on location specific and temperament conditions for different regions, and many of them need to be soil and sun grown. Our outdoor acreage is located in West Texas, and has its first season of production beginning May 5/6, 2020. We will offer clones(seedlings) from this farm for interested farmers, around June 20th.

Licensed + Insured

We take major pride in being licensed, regulated, and insured. We spent 5 years in production waiting for our home-state to be ready-to-go! We are very thankful for the USDA (AMA) and State Departments of Agriculture for their contribution to making us possible. We are in the process of compiling resources for farmers to be more educated and up-to-date for their local state regulations. We plan to post more about this on this website soon.

Our Operations

We provide many services and products.


We know what it's like trying to avoid "hot" tests whenever possible. We decided to grow seeds for ourselves. With this came a lot of research. We are ready to help Texas farmers specifically with selecting seeds for our varieties of temperatures and humidity in the state. We are in the process of compiling research from major institutions and universities to be easier to access for those interested. This information will be available on the site soon.


We are excited to announce the ability to provide farmers with high-quality hydroponically-grown clones. Produced to ship from West Texas. Depending on farmer needs and wants, it could be a great solution for some of us located nearer to our home farm. Clones are delicate and because of that our clones will probably not be available in states outside of Texas, unless buyer takes liability of transportation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this matter further. We plan to release resources for farmers to understand how to clone their own on mass scale as the industry evolves further.


We have cows, so we know our grain won't go to waste. However, a big question hitting us in America is what to do with this on a feed or grain? We plan to help people understand this question, and hopefully help clear up some of the confusion.

Smoke-able Hemp Flower

A new trend hitting the market has been smokeable hemp flower. Mostly for CBD, but also some other cannabinoids. This has proven to be an extremely demanding objective. Mostly because of the time, energy, and overall effort needed to grow a valuable, high quality, product. We grow smokeable hemp flower on a research basis, because it is a great way to practice using new hydroponic prototypes. This is another subject we are passionate about having exposure and resources available for producers and consumers alike.


Because we are still learning, we don't like to call ourselves consultants, but we do have a lot of experience to be blessed with. Therefore, we do our best to help others with their farms, free of charge.

Sharing Knowledge

We know the American hemp industry is behind in the international market. We make it our mission to see the horizon, know what American farmers are capable of, and put our resources, knowledge, and capabilities together to become a leader in the hemp industry.