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Elkins Hemp Company

Know Our Values

Providing waste-free and ethical hemp

We stand by our Values in everything we do. Below are just a few of the values we stand by.

Hydroponic Farming

We believe in continuous research to create the best hydroponic systems. All of our clones live their lives entirely hydroponically grown, unless specified by order. We run our hydroponics as sustainable as possible. This means a lot of solar and water treatment. We are currently operating under a custom DWC and Ebb and Flow system.

Sun grown soil farms

We want to be able to supply ourselves with seeds, and we figure why not help other farmers, too. We like to leave this to nature. What we have left over from our seed crops is provided for grain, and rarely, fiber. We operate all of our sun-grown locations out of rural West Texas.

Licensed + Insured

We take major pride in being licensed, regulated, and insured. In fact, we spent 5 years in production waiting for all of our home-states to be ready-to-go! We are very thankful for the USDA (AMA) and State DoA's for their contribution to making us possible.

Our Operations

We provide many services and products.


We know what it's like trying to avoid "hot" tests whenever possible. We decided to grow seeds for ourselves. With a surplus of supply, we figure why not share them with other farmers, too?


While these pictured above may not be our clones, we are excited to announce the ability to provide farmers with high-quality hydroponically-grown clones. Produced to ship from Inland Northwest and West Texas. (Keep in mind shipping for prospective orders. We may not be able to reach everyone yet, but we are trying to in the future.)


We have cows, so we know they need to eat, too. They love added hemp to their diet. We know other livestock does, too. Therefore, we are dedicating to making sure, 'no crop goes to waste'.... even if that means being Moo's dessert.

Smoke-able Hemp Flower

Cannabis - and not the kind that gets you high. As an alternative to the THC rich stuff that messes with your noggin, we provide a federally approved way of smoking the good herb. We grow it hydroponically for research, and have a lot of variety in stock for the consumer.


Because we are still learning, we don't like to call ourselves consultants, but we do have a lot of experience to be blessed with. Therefore, we do our best to help others with their farms, free of charge.

Sharing Knowledge

We know the American hemp industry is behind in the international market. We make it our mission to see the horizon, know what American farmers are capable of, and put our resources, knowledge, and capabilities together to become a leader in the hemp industry.